Avila Provincial Museum

Avila Provincial Museum


Mosaic of stories

The Casa de los Deanes house and the church of Santo Tomé are part of the cultural site in Plaza de Nalvillos square in the city of Avila, dedicated to collecting cultural materials from around the region.

The Casa de los Deanes is a 16th-century Renaissance palace housing a permanent exhibition arranged in three sections: the first explores Avila's rural culture through its traditional arts and activities; the second section presents an overview of the province's history from prehistoric times to the 19th century; and the section on the city features archaeological elements found in urban excavations. The storeroom in the church of Santo Tomé is open to visitors and contains Roman animal figures, mosaics and funeral steles, as well as monumental inscriptions and architectural and funeral elements dating from the Middle and Modern Ages.

Avila Provincial Museum

Plaza de Nalvillos, 3

05001  Ávila  (Castilla y Leon)

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