Ethnobotanical Museum and Botanical Garden


The importance of plants

This museum has a major collection of paleobotanical fossils representing all the geological ages.

Created in 1980, the Museum of Ethnobotany and the Cordoba Botanical Gardens have in their collection a broad representation of Spanish flora, and in particular, the flora of Andalusia. This is a unique setting where you can see how plants have been used traditionally and their benefits for mankind. The plant collections are distributed over various areas: these include an Arboretum, with trees and shrubs from all over the world; a Rose Garden; the School of Botany; the Touch and Smell Garden; the Exhibition Greenhouses, with numerous endemic plants from the Canary Islands; the Ethnobotanical Museum and the Paleobotanical Museum.

Ethnobotanical Museum and Botanical Garden

Avenida de Linneo s/n

14004  Córdoba, Cordoba  (Andalusia) Tel.:+34 957200018 Tel.:+34 672720086
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