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MotorLand Aragón – The Motor City


MotorLand Aragón is the complex of Alcañiz Motor City (Teruel) and the official race track of the Grand Prix of Aragón in the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 categories.

This is a huge area dedicated to the world of motorsports, with a sporting area, a leisure and cultural area, and a research area.The sports area includes the official race track of the Aragon motorcycle Grand Prix, a karting race track and several dirt tracks. The circuits are open to professionals and amateurs and, in addition to official competitions, they host popular races, professional events and educational activities. It offers visitors the opportunity to drive well-known high-end vehicles there.The area for leisure and cultural activities offers many different services, such as karting, leisure areas, a sports technology centre and exhibition spaces. Finally, the research area is home to an engine technology estate, where many companies related to this technology work.

MotorLand Aragón – The Motor City

Carretera A-2404, kilómetro 1

44600  Alcañiz, Teruel  (Aragón) Tel.:+34 978835548 Website: