Morella Town Hall


Morella town hall lies in a building that was built between 1360 and 1420. In the 15th century the building was made up of two large bodies. The first two-floor Medieval body housed the market and Consell de la Vula Hall, which was where Morella council carried out there work. The second of the bodies of the Medieval building housed a series of legal rooms. This body was made up of a series of different levels that housed jails on the lower floors, visiting rooms and the old chapel on the middle floors, and a large open-plan hall with a large central column that supported the beams and corbels which in turn supported the upper rooms in the tower. The restoration work on the building was worthy of the Europa Nostra 1997 Award in recognition of its restoration and protection of Europe's architectural heritage.

Morella Town Hall

Calle Segura Barreda 28

12300  Morella, Castellón-Castelló  (Region of Valencia)

Tel.:+34 964173032 Tel.:+34 964160034 Website:
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