Partial view of Madrid Rio park

Madrid Río


This green area, located a short distance from Puerta del Sol square, is a park designed to follow a line that borders the Manzanares River and offers spaces for rest, leisure and sports.

Along more than 10 kilometres you can enjoy different activities, such as cycling or running in the spaces designed for such purposes. You will also find a botanical trail, a picnic area and sports areas for all ages. Also, if it's hot, you can cool off with some very fun water jets located on three large spaces.Madrid Río can be accessed from various points on both banks of the river, connected by new bridges with creative designs and other historic ones, such as the Toledo Bridge or the Segovia Bridge. From the viewpoints you will enjoy the beautiful historical or monumental complexes of Spain's capital.  

Madrid Río

Puente de Segovia, s/n

28005  Madrid  (Madrid Region)

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