Tomb of Saint Peter of Osma. Burgo de Osma cathedral. Osma. Soria

Diocesan Cathedral Museum (Burgo de Osma)


An impressive artistic treasure

Works by important artists and numerous religious art pieces are on display.

The museum houses a collection of paintings from the 12th to 18th centuries, such as the portrait of Saint Ildefonsus and canvases by Maella. The main altarpiece is the work of Juan de Juni. Highlights also include sculptures by artists like Berruguete, Sebastián Fernández and Andrés Nájera; liturgical vestments and metalwork, such as a Mozarabic ruby casket from the 11th century and a monstrance by Juan de Arfe from the 16th century; and sacred ornaments, codices, incunables and hymnals. Among these is the noteworthy Beato de Osma, an Arabic miniature from 1086, in the Romanesque style.

Diocesan Cathedral Museum (Burgo de Osma)

Plaza de San Pedro, 2

42300  Burgo de Osma, El, Burgo de Osma-Ciudad de Osma, Soria  (Castilla y Leon)

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