Shrine of Santa Cecilia


The harmonious beauty of this simple rural shrine matches its location - it is resting on a crag that rises up in the middle of a soft valley.

It is a simple rural shrine, quite small (19 x 9 metres), built with strong masonry. It has a single nave, a presbytery and a semicircular apse. The doorway, on the southern face, is protected by an open courtyard. Thanks to this and the prismatic-cubic tower attached to that same wall, it looks like a fortress. Its list of sculptures is quite outstanding. The doorway has seven pointed archivolts decorated with plant motifs, batons and scotias. The capitals on which they are resting form a "continuous frieze" with Biblical and fantasy scenes. The bas-relief on the cornice modillions also stand out (some of them with erotic motifs), on the archivolts and capitals of the apse window, and on the double pointed triumphal arch inside (serrated design, scene of Samson and the lion, fantastic animals).

Shrine of Santa Cecilia

Camino del Cementerio

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