La Clerecía building. Salamanca

La Clerecía Building


The construction of this historic building began in the seventeenth century by order of Queen Margarita of Austria, wife of Philip III of Spain, and was directed by Juan Gomez de Mora. It was a church and college of the ecclesiastic order of the Company of Jesus.

The Clerecía Church in Salamanca, originally known as the Royal College of the Company of Jesus, is in Baroque style and is home to a public section - church and school rooms where the Jesuits taught -, and a private section, where the monks lived. The church has an immense, three-floored Baroque cloister. This monument is now the headquarters of Salamanca Pontificia University.Thanks to the exhibition in the Scala Coeli (the name given to the church towers) you can climb up inside them and admire the stunning views from up high.

La Clerecía Building

Calle Compañía, 5

37002  Salamanca  (Castilla y Leon)

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