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Church of Santa María la Mayor (Trujillo)


This may have been built upon one of the Moorish mosques that used to exist in Trujillo. It was built in the 13th century, following the conquest of the city. The church preserves some Romanesque and gothic elements, but underwent a significant restoration in the 16th century. It features three naves with three sections and a polygonal apse, and has a cross vault ceiling with tiercerons. The rose window is the most notable feature of the doorway. Notable features inside include the main Gothic altarpiece, created in the workshop of Fernando Gállego, and the Plateresque choir.

Church of Santa María la Mayor (Trujillo)

Paseo Ruiz de Mendoza

10200  Trujillo, Cáceres  (Extremadura) Tel.:+34 927323005 Tel.:+34 927322677 Website:
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