Church of San Gil de Mediavilla



This church is beautiful because of its austere silhouette and sculptural decoration, very profuse compared to the simplicity of the building.

This beautiful church was designed with a single nave and polygonal apse with buttresses, barrel vaults and a gable roof. There are three small splayed windows on the apse which light up the interior together with the oculus on the wall at the foot of the apse. The exterior sculpture is concentrated on both façades. The main one, with a carving of Christ, and the one on the north side, with images of San Gil's life on the tympanum, an apostle serves as a column on its jambs and eagle heads on the capitals. On the interior there are also beautiful capitals with images of the lives of Christ and San Gil, in the columns adjoining the buildings and on the blind series of arches along the apse and part of the nave.

Church of San Gil de Mediavilla

Carretera de Biel, s/n.

50610  Luna, Zaragoza  (Aragón)

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