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Atapuerca Experimental Archaeology Centre

Ibeas de Juarros


This museum is devoted to the palaeontologist Emiliano Aguirre, who pioneered the scientific excavations at the Sierra de Atapuerca archaeological site, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. A multidisciplinary research team, made up of professionals in a variety of fields, including archaeologists, palaeontologists, biologists, geologists, etc., collaborated in these studies. The museum contains some of the items found in the village of Ibeas de Juarros: original pieces, replicas of tools and human fossils, models and information panels. Organised groups depart from this centre for visits to the archaeological sites.

Atapuerca Experimental Archaeology Centre

Carretera de Logroño, 44

09198  Ibeas de Juarros, Burgos  (Castilla y Leon)

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