Asturias Archeological Museum


Pre-Romanesque Asturian Art

The museum is set in part of the San Vicente Monastery and brings together items belonging to the historic and ethnographic heritage of the Asturias Region.

You can see materials and collections from periods such as the Early, Mid and Late Palaeolithic, the Epipalaeolithic and the Metal Age. There are also important pieces from the period of Romanisation in Asturias - special mention here should be made of the Vega del Ciego mosaic, epigraphs and ceramics. Not to be missed are the San Miguel de Lillo and Santa María del Naranco altar stones, along with the splendid 12th-century sarcophagus of Doña Gontrodo Petri.

Asturias Archeological Museum

Calle San Vicente, 3-5

33003  Oviedo, Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)

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