The Alhambra Museum


About the Hispanic-Moorish culture

Located in the Carlos V Palace, the Alhambra Museum features outstanding exhibits on the Hispanic-Moorish civilisation and on art under the Caliphs and the Nasrid dynasty.

The museum is devoted to Hispanic-Moorish culture and art. It contains numerous archaeological artefacts collected at the Alhambra, or in related outside excavations. Visitors to this centre can see items representing the religion, science and economy of the Moors, as well as objects from the early years of their presence on the Iberian Peninsula, with two distinct periods under the emirs and under the caliphs. The plasterwork on the walls, the carved wooden ceilings and the tableware are particularly beautiful.

Located in the Carlos V palace, the museum contains an exhibition on the Hispanic-Muslim civilisation and the art under the Caliphs and the Nasrid dynasty. Of particular note are the plaster wall coverings, the wooden ceilings and the china collection.

The Alhambra Museum

Palacio de Carlos V, Alhambra

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