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Come and explore the Wine Route around the district of Bullas in the Region of Murcia. When you come here, you will see that this Mediterranean region has a strong history of winemaking, attested by over 200 traditional wineries as well as its Wine Museum. In addition to sampling quality wines, such as the exquisite Monastrell red, you can enjoy vineyard landscapes and built heritage linked to wine culture. A real treat for both your eyes and your palate!

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What are the wines like?

Bullas is traditionally a red wine region, but its white and rosé wines are also excellent quality. The red grape variety called Monastrell is very characteristic of Murcia and is the native variety of its Designation of Origin. With compact bunches of small grapes, it has a very intense blue-violet colour. Its colour, bouquet, taste and complexity give these wines their character, as well as properties that are beneficial for our health.

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What I can find

“El Zacatín”, a street market selling traditional artisanal goods, is held on the first Sunday of every month. The landscapes are dotted with vineyards, such as Carrascalejo, which is ideal for hiking thanks to its “North-Western Greenway”. Also visit the natural waterfall at Usero, which is perfect for taking a dip, or Molino de Abajo with its archaeological remains of a Roman town from the 1st century BCE. You can take part in treading the grapes and sampling the gastronomy of Bullas at traditional festivals, such as the Virgen del Rosario or the Fiesta del Vino, in addition to enjoying its exquisite Designation of Origin wines. For more information, enquire at the Bullas tourist office.

Room in the Wine Museum

How to get here

The Bullas Wine Route is located in the northwest of the Region of Murcia in the south-eastern Spain, between the regions of Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia and the Region of Valencia. The district of Bullas has a good road network and is easily accessible from cities such as Madrid (403 kilometres away), Valencia (305 km), Granada (252 km), Albacete (240 km), Alicante (128 km) and Murcia (53 km). If you choose to travel by car, we recommend the motorways A-7 (if you are coming from Andalusia or Levante) and A-30 (if you are coming from Castilla-La Mancha), which both link up with the C-415, leading directly to Bullas.If you prefer to fly, Murcia-San Javier Airport lies 91.8 kilometres away. Bullas is also easy to reach by train, as you will find railway stations less than 50 kilometres away in the cities of Alhama de Murcia (with trains to Valencia and Alicante), Alcantarilla and Calasparra (both with trains to Madrid).Bullas is the town where this wine route unfolds. In this area, which since the Roman Empire has shown great dedication to the cultivation of grapes, you will find museums, vineyards and natural wine cellars where you can learn to appreciate the region's traditions. You can also take part in tastings and samplings of products such as cured goat's cheese paired with local wines. A perfect place to enjoy the open air and the aroma of a wine-producing town that also offers accommodation, restaurants, sports facilities and more. Use the photo gallery to view images of Bullas.

Treading of grapes