Vega de Pas

Pas Valley


  It is part of the valleys in the Pas Region, in Cantabria. As well as exuberant nature, it has a characteristic agricultural landscape as a result of five centuries of farming, and a rich cultural and ethnographic heritage. This area was shortlisted in the European Commission's EDEN programme (European Destinations of Excellence), in recognition of its sustainable tourism proposal, and there are many attractions for visitors.

  The main feature of the valley is the way the natural landscape blends into the farming landscape, because the region, populated since the Palaeolithic era, has always been very rural, and traditional trades such as blacksmithing, carpentry and farming have been carried out here. Some of the things that stand out are: the cultural heritage of towns such as Vega de Pas, San Pedro del Romeral, Puente Viesgo and its El Castillo Cave (with examples of cave art from the Late Palaeolithic era), the manor house of Díez Villegas in Corvera de Toranzo, the Parish Church of La Asunción de Acereda, the architecture in Alceda… It is also possible to visit museums of rural life, such as the Villas Pasiegas Ethnographic Museum. The countryside is full of meadows, and oak and beech forests. It is a ideal place for activities such as hunting, fishing, horse riding, hiking... The range of tourist attractions is completed with its spas and gastronomy, featuring products such as sobaos (sponge cakes) and quesadas (type of cheesecake).

Pas Valley

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