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Montes de Malaga Natural Park

Montes de Malaga Nature Reserve


The Park of Málaga town

This park of beautiful landscapes and rich vegetation spreads out very close to the town of Málaga.

The structure of the park is that of a gentle mountain range which alternates with shallow valleys until joining the basin of the River Guadalmedina. It is very close to the town of Málaga. It has a rich variety of lesser mammals, such as the fox, the weasel, the badger, the genet,and the beech marten the polecat, together with the odd wild boar.Among the birds, the short-toed eagle, the goshawk and the booted eagle. It must also be pointed out that this park contains one of the largest colonies of chameleons in all Andalusia. Among the vegetation, the Aleppo pine is the dominant species. It alternates with remains of the original Mediterranean forest, consisting mainly of holm oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees, Kermes oaks and mastic trees. There are species such as the Monterey pine, the umbrella pine, the olive and the carob.

Montes de Malaga Nature Reserve

Malaga  (Andalusia)

Type of area:Natural Park Area:4,762 hectares Tel.:+34 951038300 Website:Montes de Malaga Nature Reserve

Malaga (Andalusia):


Useful information

What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    The town of Málaga, with its extremely valuable cultural, monumental and artistic heritage, is another incentive for visiting the park.

  • Environmental information

    These gentle mountainous structures, situated to the north of the town of Málaga, travel parallel to the coast alternating small valleys.Its southern end has the greatest slopes, while to the north it descends gently to the course of the River Guadalmedina. The Aleppo pine is the dominant plant species.

  • Information for visits

    Access to the Park is unrestricted, but it should be arranged through the Lagar de Torrijos Visitor Centre (address: carretera de Colmenar, s/n. 29013, Málaga.