Cala Mondragó cove in Mallorca

Mondragó Nature Reserve



Mondragó Nature Reserve is situated on the island of Majorca. The vegetation of the area is noted for its diversity and the fauna is especially interesting in terms of water birds.

This Nature Reserve has fields of crops, as well as holm oak and juniper groves, and ranges of dunes. It also stands out for its sea cliffs, rushes and reedbeds in the humid areas. With respect to fauna, the existence of nesting water birds, such as the coot, redshank and black-necked grebe is worthy of note. During the winter you can see the flight of the grey heron and purple heron, egret and mallard. Moreover, there exist other fascinating species in the area, fore example the rabbit and garigue snake.

Mondragó Nature Reserve

Marinas de Llevant (Santanyí)

Santanyí, Majorca  (Balearic Islands)

Type of area:Natural Park Area:750 hectares Tel.:+ 34 971 177 065 (Oficina de gestión Can Crestall) Tel.:+34 971 181 022 (Centro de información del Parque natural de Mondragó) Website:Mondragó Nature Reserve

Majorca (Balearic Islands):

  • Santanyí
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  • Cultural information

    The architecture of the 'barraques' of Roter, these being small drystone structures used as dwelling and for animals to sleep, stands out.

  • Environmental information

    The formation of this nature reserve includes small lagoons at the mouths of the streams.

  • Information for visits

    Unrestricted access to the Nature Park.