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Sierra de Ancares mountains in Lugo

Biosphere Reserve of Os Ancares Lucenses y Montes de Navia, Cervantes y Becerreá


Natural attractions with the maximum conservation status

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 2006, it occupies 6% of the province of Lugo in Galicia, and is also the Los Ancares National Game Reserve.

Os Ancares is an excellent example of a mountain ecosystem, where the wise use of the natural resources made by the local inhabitants for centuries has given rise to a unique landscape. This place is distinctive for its diversity, and is home to small valleys tucked deep between the mountains, glacial and river formations, and forests and meadowlands whose conservation is closely linked to human activity. The Os Ancares region of Lugo is particularly interesting as it is located on the border between two regions –the euro-Siberian and the Mediterranean– and is thus home to species that are characteristic of both northern and Mediterranean climes. This reserve is also an important area for the survival of some endangered species such as the capercaillie and the brown bear. Os Ancares marks the south-westernmost limit of their European habitat.

Biosphere Reserve of Os Ancares Lucenses y Montes de Navia, Cervantes y Becerreá

Lugo  (Galicia)

Lugo (Galicia):

Navia de Suarna. Cervantes. Becerreá.

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What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    This area was difficult to access until relatively recently, thus allowing traditional customs and ways of life to survive. The 'palloza' is a significant element in the traditional architecture of Los Ancares: this is a circular, stone construction with a thatched roof, pre-Roman in origin, which was used to house people and livestock alike. In various towns and villages throughout the area there are also a series of interesting monuments and historic buildings.

  • Environmental information

    Here you'll find forests and highly varied vegetation, with trees such as oak, birch, holm oak, holly... There are several trails (Tres Obispos, Campa da Braña) and old Roman roads that lead into the heart of the Reserve and offer a chance to enjoy nature in its most unspoilt state.

  • Information for visits

    For more information on this nature area in Cervantes, Degrada (Lugo), you can visit the Os Ancares Nature Education Centre. There are also tourist offices in the different towns and villages in the area. Hiking, climbing, and hunting are among the activities available here.