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El Hosquillo Park

Majadas, Las


A spot to enjoy immersion in nature, seeing game animals and endangered species up-close.

It is located inside the Serranía de Cuenca Nature Reserve in Castile La Mancha and is a centre for studying and conserving fauna open to the public. This means the over 900 hectares of lush nature can be visited and animals such as deer, roe deer, mountain goats, boar, birds of prey or endangered species such as wolves and bears can be seen living and growing in semi-freedom in the park. Part of the route is by bus. The visit uncovers different ecosystems in the Serranía de Cuenca Nature Reserve: from the valley to the high cliffs, including the abundant pine groves and two rivers. Entry tickets provide access to the Visitor Centre on biodiversity and the Hunting Museum.

El Hosquillo Park

Carretera Vega del Codorno s/n

16142  Majadas, Las, Cuenca  (Castilla-La Mancha)