Tourist on bicycle, Formentera

Everything to see and do in Formentera, one of the smallest Balearic Islands


This little Mediterranean island is one of the jewels of Spain and of the Balearic Islands. A tiny corner of the world with white sands and turquoise waters; no airports, no crowds, and just a few roads between its key points. Far from being an inconvenience, this is the best thing about the island. There are few places where you can relax and enjoy the sense of calm that you'll have in Formentera.

Enjoy the beaches

The first thing to do when you arrive on the island is head straight for the beach. Here you'll find coves that are the stuff of dreams, such as Caló d’Es Morts and Cala Saona or some of the bigger beaches like Ses Illetes and Es Migjorn. Whichever one you choose, all of these places share fine white sands, transparent blue and turquoise waters that stretch out to the horizon, and a sense of calm that you'll feel as soon as your toes touch the sand.

Above: Cala Saona / Below: Es Migjorn beach

Visit the sea floor

The seabed is just as spectacular as the beaches. Formentera’s diving centres let you explore the watery depths that hide a multitude of rock formations, huge biodiversity, and the biggest shipwreck in the whole of the Mediterranean, the Don Pedro, a cargo ship over 140 metres long. But if you're not feeling quite ready for oxygen tanks and neoprene, not to worry because you can always start learning to dive; alternatively, snorkelling is another great option for discovering the rich life hidden underwater around this island.

The sunken ship Don Pedro, Formentera

Discover some of its lighthouses

One of the big attractions of the island is its lighthouses, where you can look out over high cliffs and enjoy amazing views. Cap de Barbaria is one of the best known, thanks to some appearances on the big screen, and because of La Cueva Foradada, a hole in the rock that will lead you down to a small balcony right on the cliff where you can admire the views. Another one not to be missed is the La Mola lighthouse. A real icon of Formentera, it's located at the island's highest point, and the surrounding scenery is stunning. And finally you have the La Savina lighthouse. It's so close to the port that it'll be both the first and the last thing that you see on the island.

La Mola lighthouse in the village of El Pilar de la Mola, Formentera

Wander in whitewashed villages

 Everywhere in Formentera, there are buildings in the classic Mediterranean style: simple, functional, and always painted white. There are six towns and villages in Formentera, but the capital is Sant Francesc, which with 3000 inhabitants is the centre of island life. Here you'll also find some of the best-known markets on the island, together with a range of services and restaurants. La Savina is another of the island’s towns, and it’ll be the first one that you see as this is where the ferries dock. In La Savina the port is the star of the show, where a multitude of boats are moored, especially in the summer months. And of course you can also enjoy wandering around the smaller villages: Sant Ferran, Es Pujols, Es Caló de Sant Agustí and El Pilar de la Mola. Formentera may well be a small island, but it has lots to offer. Beaches that are the stuff of dreams, pretty villages, and lighthouses with breath-taking views. Come and discover one of the jewels of the Mediterranean.

White house in Sant Francesc, Formentera
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