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Woman walking in the sequoia forest of Monte Cabezón, Cantabria

In Cantabria there’s a small but very impressive forest of sequoia trees


Imagine standing right next to a species of tree that can live for over 2,000 years. These trees, commonly known as ‘California sequoias’, exist in Spain too, there’s a whole forest of them waiting for you. 

In Cantabria you’ll find the Secuoyas del Monte Cabezón Natural Monument, which has had protected status since 2003. Its origins go back to 1940, when this sequoia forest was originally planted to produce wood, but the trees were never felled. The result is a dense forest of sequoias that soar up to 40 metres in height and have trunks with a circumference of up to two metres. If you want to give one of these a hug, you’ll need to look for some help, as sometimes it’s not possible even for two people to encircle these magnificent trees with their arms. 

Man walking in the protected natural space of Monte Cabezón, Cantabria

A stroll along paths lined with sequoias

The sequoia forest can be easily reached by car, and free parking is available. The paths are well signposted and offer easy walks. In some sections there’s a footbridge and wooden steps to make for a more comfortable walk, so you can take the kids and make it a family outing. Once you’re in the forest, look up and admire the massive rust-coloured trunks with touches of red until you see the branches with their green needle-like leaves reaching out to touch the sky. You can admire these trees and their foliage at any time of the year as they have evergreen leaves. 

Hiker crossing a wooden walkway in Bosque Cabezón, Cantabria
The natural monument of the sequoias of Monte Cabezón, Cantabria

As well as the sequoias you’ll find many different types of vegetation in the forest, and you’ll enter worlds of different colours as you walk along the paths.And in thousands of years’ time, these sequoias will no doubt still be a part of the forest as we know it today. Come and take a close look at this imposing species of tree, the Sequoia sempervirens, remember its lifespan, and imagine the visitors of the future admiring the landscape that you’re looking out at today in the year 3940! 

Typical varied landscape of Bosque Cabezón, Cantabria
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