Viewing point at Arribes del Duero.

Arribes del Duero, where the river plays the central role


To the west of Castile and León, between the provinces of Salamanca and Zamora, is one of the most incredible landscapes in inland Spain: Arribes del Duero. The canyon formed by the River Duero, stretching almost 100 kilometres, and creating a unique scenery of gorges and ravines is what comprises the Las Arribes del Duero Nature Reserve.

Distinctly Castilian With elevations reaching up to 500 metres, the gorges formed by the Duero river are the deepest in Spain. They have created a special micro climate, warmer and similar to the Mediterranean forest, where local fauna have made their home. Golden eagles and black swans will welcome you, so lift your gaze to the skies to see them in flight.The best way to get to Arribes del Duero is by car then, once you're here, you'll find numerous routes for hiking or cycling. The largest of these is the GR 14, which follows the course of the river. Remember to take your camera, because views are spectacular from places like the Mirador del Fraile the Picón de Felipe, and the Pozo de los Humos – an impressive 50 metres-high waterfall.But you can't visit Arribes del Duero without going down to the river. Who said you need the sea to enjoy the beach? In Salamanca, Aldeadávila de la Ribera has Rostro beach, perfect for taking the plunge, practising sports like rowing, or taking a boat trip. Further up, between Zamora and Portugal, don't miss the Arribes del Duero nature cruise

Map of Arribes del Duero

History forged by the Duero Arribes promises even more attractions for visitors than its nature. Villages such as Fermoselle and its old quarter, in Zamora, is definitely worthwhile a visit. Or the shepherds' huts in Torregamones, which are a wonderful way of discovering what life was like in this region years ago. One thing that hasn't changed is the amazing gastronomy. You'll have the chance to try ewes' cheese, beef from local breeds, and Iberian pork in your meals throughout your trip. All washed down by the local wines, which have been awarded Denomination of Origin and deserve a toast and a promise: to come back to the Arribes del Duero.

Boat trips in Arribes del Duero