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View of the church in Tremp, Catalonia



Tremp, capital of the Lleida region of Pallars Jussà, is located in a setting shaped by the River Noguera Pallaresa. Its natural environment is home to multiple trails and hosts a wide variety of outdoor sports.

Tremp is located in the middle valley of the River Noguera Pallaresa, which runs from north to south in this pre-Pyrenean setting. The region is home to around thirty small rural areas, making it the largest municipality in Catalonia.Its historic quarter, with its medieval hues, centres around Plaza de la Creu, where both the town hall and the church of Santa María de Valldeflors can be found. It is also home to several defensive towers that belonged to the old city walls.The strategic location of Tremp and the beauty of the pre-Pyrenean landscape make this town an ideal setting for hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor sports, as well as watersports at the Sant Antoni reservoir.Tremp celebrates its festivities every 19 January in honour of Sant Antoni. The celebrations can be traced back to agricultural origins, which include traditional dances and tasting of typical products.