Gerri de la Sal (Lleida, Catalonia)

Gerri de la Sal

Fairy tale natural surroundings


Gerri de la Sal is the administrative capital of the Baix Pallars region. 

The village is alongside the Noguera Pallaressa River and dates back to the Middle Ages. The name of the village comes from the salt ("sal") flats that give the place its own special character. In fact, in the village centre you can still find what is traditionally known as "Casa de la Sal" (Salt House), witness to the huge importance that this product had in the local economy. A few minutes walk from Gerri is Santa María Monastery, once the most important abbey in the Urgell bishopric, until it was closed in 1835. Its legacy comprised large farms, mills, castles, churches and the Gerri salt mines themselves, along with those at Morreres and Llaràs. The village's stunning surroundings, with the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees as backdrop, make Gerri an ideal place for hiking and outings.