Church of La Asunción de Nuestra Señora in Cantavieja (Teruel, Aragon)



The historic capital of Alto Maestrazgo features not only splendid monumental and architectural heritage, but also the echoes of ancient legends and battles. Its historic quarter has the Property of Cultural Interest designation.

The town has one of the most complete monument ensembles of Aragonese Gothic. The ruins of its old castle preside over the town. The castle was destroyed during the I Carlist War: Cantavieja was the command centre of the Carlist general Ramón Cabrera, the “Tiger of Maestrazgo”.Narrow streets and medieval-looking houses take us to the main corners of Cantavieja. In the Plaza Mayor, porticoed, you can find the Town Hall, with the Gothic coffered ceiling of its Plenary Hall, and the Church of the Assumption (18th century), of ample proportions, with a Gothic doorway and portico.Other buildings of interest include the Gothic church of San Miguel, the old Baroque hospital of San Roque and manor houses such as Casa Bayle, Casa Novales and Mas Fortificado.The town is located on top of a steep rocky outcrop, which gives it an impressive silhouette. A beautiful site, it is a popular destination for hikers.

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