Valarties River where it passes through Artíes (Lleida, Catalonia)


Nature, mountains and Romanesque architecture in the heart of the Aran Valley


Artíes, at an altitude of 1,114 metres, is located in a small widening of the Upper Aran Valley, and is dominated by the peak of Montarto, at almost 3,000 metres in height.

The parish church of Santa María, a Romanesque construction dating back to the 11th-12th century, albeit with a somewhat later bell tower (13th-14th centuries), is a prominent feature of the old quarter. It boasts a large number of paintings of outstanding quality. Other notable attractions include the Gothic temple of Sant Joan (late 14th century) and two civil buildings, the Çò de Paulet house and the Portolá house, both from the 16th century.Nestled on the outskirts of Arties there are some baths with sulphurous waters and two springs. The village also has an outdoor recreational area, where two bears live in a fenced-off, protected area. For fishing enthusiasts, the river Garonne and the various lakes nearby are excellent alternatives.


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