Show at the Renaissance Festival in Tortosa (Tarragona, Catalonia)

Renaissance Festival

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

During the second fortnight of July, Tortosa is transformed, travelling back in time to show the splendour of a 16th-century city.

Since 1996, this town in Tarragona has celebrated this unique festival recreating one of the most interesting points in its history: the Renaissance. Over these days, the streets and façades are adorned with tapestries, carpets, torches and banners, while the inhabitants of Tortosa dress in period costumes, with rosettes representing the colours of their districts. In total, over 3,000 people actively participate in recreating the atmosphere of a 16th-century city.

The entire city is transformed, creating a unique atmosphere: traders in costume sell their wares at outdoor stalls, restaurants prepare recipes from the period, and on the streets there are performances by artists and actors encouraging everyone to take part in the festivities. One of the main events is the “Parade and Laying Down of Weapons in Honour of the City and District Banners” in the historic quarter. The programme also includes many different activities and shows depicting the trades, customs and day-to-day life of a Renaissance city.


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Renaissance Festival

Tortosa, Tarragona  (Catalonia)

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