Church of San Juan Bautista in Obanos, Navarre

The Obanos Mystery Play

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Obanos in Navarre recreates a medieval legend of the Way of Saint James in July.

The people of Obanos play the roles in a dramatic re-enactment on a grand scale, filling the streets of the town with banners, carriages, swords, shields and costumes that will transport you back in time to the Middle Ages.The historical re-enactment of the Obanos Mystery Play commemorates the martyrdom of Saint Felicia and the penitence of Saint Guillén, a story dating from the 14th century and handed down from generation to generation until the first performance in 1965. It is particularly significant due to its association with the Way of Saint James.The ornate production of the Obanos Mystery Play involves over a thousand costumes, each with the appropriate accessories. They are all replicas of medieval clothing and were designed in 1965 - 1977. As well as these costumes there are around twenty carriages, harnesses, banners, swords, shields, armour, and so on.

The Obanos Mystery Play

Obanos, Navarre  (Autonomous Community of Navarre)

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