Pau Casals International Music Festival

Festival - Music,Classical

The Pau Casals International Music Festival has been held every summer since 1981, in the Pau Casals Auditorium in El Vendrell.

This event offers a full programme of concerts, with special emphasis on chamber music, particularly performances by prestigious cellists. Pau Casals was born in 1876 and had a passion for music from childhood. For his whole life, the famous cellist, composer and orchestra conductor defended the idea that music and culture should serve as a channel for communication between people and cultures. El Vendrell has made the most of the name of its most illustrious son, and, thanks to this, the town enjoys great musical tradition and culture.

Pau Casals International Music Festival

Vendrell, El, Tarragona  (Catalonia)

Tel.:+34 977683468

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