Aerial view of Jaca

First Friday of May Festival

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Jaca, in Huesca (Aragón), commemorates Jaca’s victory over the Saracen army in the 8th century, with this traditional, colourful festival that remembers the legend surrounding this moment in history. 

The festival takes place on the first Friday in May.  The celebrations kick off first thing in the morning in the area surrounding Jaca cemetery and the hermitage of La Victoria. Thousands of locals gather together to enjoy a traditional breakfast of cured meats, ribs and migas (a classic Spanish dish of breadcrumbs and other ingredients such as bacon, chorizo, etc.) At lunchtime the streets of Jaca welcome the “Victory Parade” with the participants dressed in period costumes and where the women play a leading role. The parade finishes in front of the Town Hall where the crowd sings the city’s anthem. The festivities continue all day long and way into the night with performances, music and lots of fun.The celebration recreates the legend surrounding Jaca’s victory over the Saracen army in the 8th century. The legend goes that the local soldiers were on the verge of defeat when their wives appeared out of the city en masse, armed with various household utensils ready to defend their husbands. The invaders, on seeing the new fighters arriving in the distance, thought it was a support force and fled the battle.It has been declared a Festival of National Interest for Tourism since 2020.

First Friday of May Festival

Jaca, Huesca  (Aragón)

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