Easter Week in Cabra

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

The Easter week celebrations in Cabra (Cordoba province) are outstanding for their mass participation, with the whole town getting involved in the festivities. They are also known for the artistic wealth of the processions that can be found at almost any time of day.

Some of the statues venerated are real works of art by great Spanish classical sculptors. The silence and sobriety of some of the processions contrast with noisy devotion and the sound of saetas (flamenco-style religious songs), which are sung as other statues pass. On the morning of Easter Saturday, Andalusia’s most famous flamenco singers come to Cabra to dedicate saetas to the Virgen de la Soledad y Quinta Angustia, the most highly venerated of these Easter celebrations. Also outstanding is the Resucitado procession on the last day, an explosion of colour in which all the religious brotherhoods take part.

Easter week is one of the most heartfelt and deep-rooted fiestas celebrated in Spain. This commemoration has centuries of history and tradition, remembering the passion and death of Jesus Christ. The streets of the majority of Spain's cities, towns and villages become the stage for religious fervour and devotion, combining grief and meditation in memory of Christ's death. Music, art and colour come together in magical processions - solemn parades in which crowds of people accompany religious images on their route through the streets.

Easter Week in Cabra

Cabra, Cordoba  (Andalusia)