Grand procession of Cigarrones figures. Verín Carnival (O Entroido)

Verín Carnival (O Entroido)

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



The "fariñadas" (flour battles) and the figure of the "Cigarrón" are the distinctive elements of the two-week Verín Carnival (Ourense), which follows an ancient ritual.

The celebrations begin with Thursday of "Compadres" and with "Corredoiro" Sunday, to the sound of rockets, brass bands and the first concentration of "cigarrones" (masked men who run encouraging people to participate) in the morning. That same day in the afternoon-evening, the first masquerade ball and the first "fariñada" take place at the Plaza Mayor square. Later there is the Thursday of "Comadres, in which the women leave the men at home and go out to dinner in fancy dress; and when midnight arrives, a crowd rushes into the streets to receive the Carnival entourage and listen to the proclamation that precedes the general festivities. There will be flour battles, masked balls, parades of "comparsas" (people wearing the same costume) and brass bands, contests, tastings of typical products, etc. The most intense day is Sunday, with the Great Parade of Floats, Comparsas, Masks and Cigarrones at noon.In addition to this festival, Verín is known for being a must for those who want to discover the traces of hydrotherapy in Galicia: it has important springs from which a variety of waters with mineral-medicinal properties are extracted and marketed.Other recommended plans in the area include taking an urban route through Verín, visiting the Monterrei Fortress and visiting the many wineries of the Monterrei Designation of Origin.

Verín Carnival (O Entroido)

Verín, Ourense  (Galicia)

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