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Las Canteras Ceremony

Festivity of Tourist Interest

According to popular tradition, this festivity commemorates the Christian victory in the Battle of Clavijo and the end of the legendary tribute of "one hundred maidens" that the monarchs from the Astur-Leones Kingdom had to pay every year to the Muslim caliphs. 

The festivity was moved to the Sunday before 5 October, the day of San Froilán. This day, women dressed in typical medieval dresses dance to the rhythm marked by the figure of the "Sotadera", a Moorish woman who taught Muslim traditions, as they proceed from the Town Hall square to the cathedral. The town authorities charged with making an offering to the Virgin march among the ceremonial macebearers.

Las Canteras Ceremony

Av. Ordoño II nº 10

24001  León  (Castilla y Leon) Tel.:987 87 83 27

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Schedule: from midday.

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