Moments in the Cantabrian Wars festival

The Cantabrian Wars

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Corrales de Buelna, Los


The town of Corrales de Buelna, in the Region of Cantabria, recreates the last resistance of Hispania against Roman domination in the 1st century BC.

This festive reconstruction of the Cantabrian Wars has been held since 2001 and takes place from the last weekend in August to the first in September. The town is decked out to recreate Cantabria’s resistance to the Roman empire. Participants are divided between members of the Roman legions and Cantabrian peoples, and they interpret the confrontation with numerous events such as parades, a Cantabrian wedding and a session of the Roman senate. The town is also transformed during these fiestas with reconstructions, for example, of a Roman camp, a market and period Cantabrian buildings.

The Cantabrian Wars

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39400  Corrales, Los, Corrales de Buelna, Los, Cantabria  (Cantabria)