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ARN Culture & Business Pride

Culture & Business Pride

Festival - Communications media

The island of Tenerife (Canary Islands) hosts this international festival dedicated to the LGBTIQ culture, rights and businesses.

An activism event for the LGBTIQ group and the right to love through a music festival, beach conferences, Alan Turing awards, the creation of work networks and an extensive leisure programme. Some of the international personalities attending the festival include, Carlinhos Brown, Pussy Riot, Chelsea Manning, Robert Biedron, Isabel Coixet and Carlos Umaña.

Culture & Business Pride

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife  (Canary Islands)

* To be confirmed

Carlinhos Brown - Pussy Riot - Chelsea Manning - Robert Biedron - Isabel Coixet - Devermut - Palomo Spain - Elvira Sastre - Elizabeth Duval - Samantha Hudson - Carlos Umaña - Víctor Gutiérrez - Ramón Salazar - Carla Antonelli - Eduardo Rubiño - Jaime de los Santos - NGLCC - MyGwork - Maricoin

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