Vincent Cy Chen. Swoosh (Mating Dance), 2022, VETA by Fer Francés gallery

Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend

Festival - Modern art

The event promoted by the Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries of Madrid (Arte Madrid) has been held since 2009 and opens the exhibition season for art galleries in the city.Every year, for a weekend in September, the associated galleries host the Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend to mark the beginning of the exhibition season simultaneously in various neighbourhoods of the city: Lavapiés, Letras, Centro, Salesas, Chamberí and Salamanca, among others.In addition to the joint opening of all the galleries, the event has an extensive program of free activities, guided tours to exhibitions, art centres and museums, as well as urban tours to discover works of art in the streets, squares and buildings of Madrid. The goal is to bring contemporary art to the widest possible public. With this aim in mind, Arte Madrid has also created a mobile application showing the artistic offering of all galleries so that visitors may put together their own routes at any time of the year.

Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend

Madrid  (Madrid Region)

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