Portmán Beach in Murcia

Beach: Portmán


Near Cartagena marina, there lies a very quiet beach next to the small town of Portmán.This is a beach that is being regenerated, made up of sand, reeds, rushes and bushes. With a length of just over a kilometre, it is easy to reach on foot. It can also be reached by city bus or by car, as it has a car park. The GR 92 long-distance footpath passes by this beach, making it an obligatory stop for walkers. 

Beach: Portmán

Composition: sand

Type of sand: dark

Swimming conditions: moderate waves, strong waves

Length: 1000 m

Width: 10 m

Degree of urban development: isolated

Marina: cartagena

Distance to beach: 19 km.

Means of access: On foot easy,Car,Boat

Nearest motorway: la unión a portman - n-348

Maximum temperature: 16º Wind: 25 km/h, SO
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