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'Olla de músico' (musician's cooking pot)

Region of Valencia

Region of Valencia
  • Ингредиенты

    INGREDIENTS: 400 g of pumpkin 1 pig's tail 1 pig's trotter all cut into four pieces 2 onion black pudding 2 spicy sausages cut in half 2 large turnips cut in half 200 g of very small potatoes 1 bunch of thistles cut in small chunks 200 g of chickpeas 200 g of rice 1 strand of saffron Salt

  • Приготовление

    Cook the pork and the chickpeas for 1 hour.Then add the spicy sausages, thistles and turnips.When the pork and chickpeas are soft, add salt to taste and add the potatoes, rice and saffron.

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