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San Francisco Church


From church to museum

Site of the sections of Archaeology, Popular Arts, and Fine Arts of the Lugo Museum.

Today it is one of the sites of the Provincial Museum of Lugo. It is suspected that the convent was created by San Francisco on the road to Santiago.The church, whose present day name is San Pedro, was built in the XV century in Gothic style.There is a Latin cross plan with pointed arches.Beside it there is a bell tower.What remains of the convent is the cloister with square floor plan surrounded by semicircular arches supported on double columns, decorated with plant motifs.The walls of the cloister are decorated with epigraphy, mosaics, etc. Another space that is intact is the kitchen decorated with useful items typical to a Galician, village kitchen such as pots, coal irons, lanterns, etc.

San Francisco Church

Plaza de la Soledad, s/n.

27001  Lugo  (Galicia) Tel.:+34 982242300 Strona WWW:
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