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Pego-Oliva Marsh Nature Reserve


La Marjal Pego-Oliva

Marjal Pego-Oliva is situated between the provinces of Alicante and Valencia. The western half belongs to (Alicante) and the eastern part to Oliva (Valencia). The space contains dunes, malladas, river and cultivated areas.

This protected open space has a range of dunes that extends to the river Serpis. It consists of marshes and paddy fields. Marjal is noted for the mosquitofish (Hispanic Valencia) or the spined loach (Cobitis maroccana), a well as the common tortoise (Emys orbicularis) and striped necked terrapin (Mauremys caspica).

Pego-Oliva Marsh Nature Reserve

Oliva, Valencia-València  (Region of Valencia)

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Useful information

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  • Cultural information

    Nearby the Nature Reserve lies Font Salada, that is a spring of thermal water with healing properties for the skin. Moreover, the area boasts a rich gastronomy that includes varied dishes, such as rice with an egg crust, baked rice and stew.

  • Environmental information

    The flora includes species such as the 'malladas', 'tarays' (Tamarix gallica), rushes, reedbeds (Phragmites sp) and underwater vegetation. Whereas the fauna consists of shrimps (Dugastella valentina, Paleomonetes zariquieyi and Athyaephyra desmaresti) or the pechinots (Anodota cygnea and Unio mancus), amongst other species.

  • Information for visits

    Address: c/ San Agustín, 6, 2º, in the city of Pego.