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Santa María la Mayor Collegiate Church



The commitment of Caspe.

It was built in the Gothic style in two stages, which is especially apparent in the height of its naves.

The collegiate church is set partially on what was the acropolis built by the military order of San Juan. The reliquary of La Veracruz is an important piece of precious metalwork. There are also two tombs: one from the 14th century and the other from the 16th century. The main front was decorated with sculptures that disappeared during the Civil War. The principal jewel of the collegiate church, both for its historic value and as a relic, is the chalice of the Commitment, a Gothic precious metalwork piece. The infante Don Fernando was crowned king of Aragon in the atrium.

Santa María la Mayor Collegiate Church

Plaza del Compromiso, s/n.

50700  Caspe, Zaragoza  (Aragón)

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