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San Salvador Church

Pernía, La


Because of its isolated location, in a field near the town, and because of its peculiar huge belfry welcoming visitors, it is a unique building in the Romanesque style of Palencia.

Thanks to its location we can view the exterior of this former collegiate church entirely. Its floor plan is in the shape of a Latin cross, with a single nave and transept, a triple semicircular apse, with the largest in the centre, thick walls and austere decoration. The cornice of the nave is supported by carved modillions. An extremely high belfry, one of the most beautiful in the Spanish Romanesque style, rises up at the foot of the church. It forms a single block with the façade wall, with two sections with two spaces each for bells, topped with a triangle. The openings for the bells are made up of simple semicircular archivolts resting on columns, with decorated capitals. It has two doorways with simple pointed archivolts, and the main one is protected by a portico that was built more recently.

San Salvador Church

Calle Mayor, s/n.

34847  San Salvador de Cantamuda, Pernía, La, Palencia  (Castilla y Leon)