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Mining Museum

Minas de Riotinto


The wealth of Riotinto

A journey through 5,000 years of mining and metallurgy history

This museum has found a home in the old Riotinto company hospital; the company that worked these mines from 1873 to 1954. Built in the English architectural style, it is the first museum in Spain devoted to the history of mining and metallurgy. The museum takes visitors on a tour of the region through the different eras of mine working. It has countless items relating to this activity throughout history, as well as such emblematic objects of industrial archaeological interest as the "Maharaja Coach", the most luxurious narrow-gauge railway coach in the world, built expressly for one journey that Queen Victoria planned to make to India but never did.

Mining Museum

Plaza del Museo s/n

21660  Minas de Riotinto, Huelva  (Andalusia)

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