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Medieval Theatre Festival

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Along with representations of medieval plays there are also processions and popular dances.

Halfway through the afternoon, the Festival begins, with the 'Botargas' and 'Danzantes de la Somosierra' that act for the town accompanied by pipers and 'dulzainas' (instrument similar to a clarinet). There are medieval lunch and dinners on the hill. Tournaments and running of the bulls in the Palenque. At dusk, there is a scenic display of Medieval themes (Buen amor, Corbacho, Celestina, etc). Procession of the Brotherhoods of Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma triumph of Don Amor. Carnival procession. Popular dance. Some years there is Archery. Falconry and Medieval Dances.

Medieval Theatre Festival

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