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  • Boats in the port of Fuengirola

    Boats in the port of Fuengirola

Excursions from the Costa del Sol


One of the most famous holiday destinations in Spain is undoubtedly the Costa del Sol. This is the coastline of Malaga in Andalusia, southern Spain. As the name suggests, you’ll find sunny weather almost all year round, and fabulous beaches ideal for a stroll or a swim. But as well as its beach resorts, you’ll love  its whitewashed villages further inland, its cultural attractions, its local food, its many different shops, its wide variety of golf courses, and its vibrant traditions. And if you’re travelling with children, there are plenty of leisure parks to choose from.

Starting from the city of Malaga, the capital of the province, we suggest several excursions for anyone spending a few days on the Costa del Sol. If you are staying in another town, such as Marbella, these excursions can easily be adapted to suit your location.

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La Giralda tower
La Giralda tower

Longer excursions to other Andalusian cities

If you want to go further afield than the Costa del Sol and see other famous Andalusian cities a bit further away, such as Granada, Cordoba, Seville, or Cadiz, have a look at our travel ideas for:
Andalusia in five days
Andalusia in seven days

As well as all these suggestions, there are plenty of other interesting things to do on a family holiday, such as walking along the Caminito del Rey (a hiking trail once considered among the most dangerous on Earth, but now adapted and perfectly safe) or spotting dolphins and whales in the Straits of Gibraltar. Choose the plan that best suits your tastes.