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  • Roman amphitheatre

    Roman amphitheatre

  • Dragon Khan, Portaventura

    Dragon Khan, Portaventura

  • Tamarit beach

    Tamarit beach

  • Les Ferreres Aqueduct, Pont Diable

    Les Ferreres Aqueduct, Pont Diable

  • Dragon ride

    Dragon ride

Port Aventura and Tarragona

Enjoy one of Europe’s most exciting and fun theme parks. Port Aventura-Ferrari Land is about 100 kilometres from Barcelona, with everything you need for a great time with children.

The theme park represents different parts of the world: China, Polynesia, Mexico, the Mediterranean and the Far West. And Port Aventura also includes Ferrari Land, an exciting theme park based on speed, with everything you can imagine to do with the famous cars.

There are high-speed, water and children’s rides, themed shows and a wide range of places to eat and stay in the park itself. You can even get a relaxing massage in the spa, and several types of Zen wellness treatments. So get the most out of the experience by staying in the park for a night or two, and the whole family will have a great time.



© Alberich Fotografs. Turismo de Tarragona.
Roman Forum in Tarragona © Alberich Fotografs. Turismo de Tarragona.
See pictures of each highlight

Just 12 kilometres from Port Aventura-Ferrari Land is this UNESCO World Heritage city, where you can see one of the best-preserved Roman circuses on the Mediterranean.  There are also attractive shopping areas in its medieval streets and city walls. When you visit, be sure to see:

The Balcón del Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Balcony): walk up Rambla Nova, cross Passeig de les Palmeres, and stop for a few minutes here to enjoy a fabulous view over the sea and El Miracle beach. At dawn, in the afternoon, lit up at night… it’s a wonderful sight at any time of day.

El Serrallo: in this charming fishermen’s neighbourhood with traditional restaurants, you can enjoy the best, freshest fish from the Tarragona coast.

Roman amphitheatre: a spectacular 2nd century Roman construction, with a unique view over the Mediterranean Sea from the upper seats. The amphitheatre and the old town centre are surrounded by even older city walls.   

Shopping on Rambla Nova: small traditional shops and artisan workshops rub shoulders with banks, designer jewellery, and leading Spanish and international names in fashion, footwear, and accessories.