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  • Boats in the port of Fuengirola

    Boats in the port of Fuengirola

Excursions from the Costa del Sol


One of the most famous holiday destinations in Spain is undoubtedly the Costa del Sol. This is the coastline of Malaga in Andalusia, southern Spain. As the name suggests, you’ll find sunny weather almost all year round, and fabulous beaches ideal for a stroll or a swim. But as well as its beach resorts, you’ll love  its whitewashed villages further inland, its cultural attractions, its local food, its many different shops, its wide variety of golf courses, and its vibrant traditions. And if you’re travelling with children, there are plenty of leisure parks to choose from.

Starting from the city of Malaga, the capital of the province, we suggest several excursions for anyone spending a few days on the Costa del Sol. If you are staying in another town, such as Marbella, these excursions can easily be adapted to suit your location.

West of Malaga

Heading west along the coast from Malaga brings you to some of the most famous towns on the Costa del Sol. Pride of place goes to Marbella, a must-see if only to marvel at the exclusive atmosphere and luxury that have made this part of Spain famous.

Carihuela beach in Torremolinos
Carihuela beach in Torremolinos

Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Mijas

Less than 20 kilometres from Malaga, we come to Torremolinos, closely followed by Benalmádena and Fuengirola. These three towns are famous for their beaches surrounded by all types of services, restaurants and shops, and their lifestyle closely linked to the sea. For example, you’ll love walking along the seafront esplanade of Fuengirola, one of the longest in Spain.

These are also good places to go with children, as you can visit the zoo at Bioparc Fuengirola, the amusement park Tivoli World and the animal park Selwo Marina in Benalmádena, or Aquapark in Torremolinos.

Mijas is a picturesque village of little white houses, further inland. Don’t be surprised if you see people riding donkeys all over town - these are the burro-taxis, a unique local feature.
For lunch here, many people choose the traditional fried fish, pescaíto frito. And if you want to shop, there are classic locations for buying gifts, such as Calle San Miguel de Torremolinos. This area is also home to some of Spain's best golf courses.

Yacht at Puerto Banús, Marbella
Yacht at Puerto Banús, Marbella


Marbella is associated with wealth and luxury, and is a fascinating place to visit. Although its old town centre is charming, Marbella is really famous for its beaches, its marinas, its boutiques, and its distinguished restaurants, such as chef Dani García’s establishment, with two Michelin stars.

Its most famous marina is the glamorous Puerto Banús, within 10 kilometres of Marbella town centre, and well worth seeing. This is one of the most famous locations anywhere on the Costa del Sol. Visitors are usually fascinated by the beach clubs where you can enjoy a drink as you watch the sunset, and by the exclusive shops.

© Ayuntamiento de Estepona
Plaza de las Flores, Estepona
Plaza de las Flores, Estepona


30 kilometres from Marbella is Estepona, another good spot to visit with children thanks to its nature park, Selwo Aventura, where you can see hundreds of animal species living in semi-freedom.

Estepona is also known for La Rada beach, its eight golf courses, and as a great place for spa treatments and luxury shopping. It also has unusual places worth a visit, such as the lighthouse of Punta Doncella (with views of the Mediterranean, the Strait of Gibraltar and north Africa worth the climb to the top) and the Orchidarium Estepona, with 1,300 orchid species from all over the world.