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Canyoning in Huesca. Level 1

Canyoning is the most popular adventure sport in Huesca. The Pyrenees and the Guara Mountains offer us the best conditions to practice canyoning in Huesca. Our experienced, trained and certified guides will give you advice and will be the best guarantee to enjoy safely while canyoning. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment. You only have to bring a swimsuit, sport shoes or boots, and the will of having fun. Contact us and we will give you advice about the most suitable canyoning activity for you regarding your level and expectations.Difficulty: This is a fun and exciting activity with few difficulties. You will have the chance of rappelling, jumping and sliding, but these difficult parts are avoidable most of the times. Some of the canyons for this level are: Viandico’s Canyon, Las Gloces Canyon, Furco’s Canyon, Mirabal’s Canyon, Barrosa’s Canyon, Yesa’s Canyon, Trigoniero’s Canyon, etc. More information: Canyoning was first done by speleologists and afterwards by mountaineers. Nowadays, Canyoning is also practiced by many people with no special liking for mountain sports. Canyoning has become very popular, what fosters that many people without previous experience and without the necessary technical knowledge dare, almost recklessly, to get involved in tours with obvious objective and subjective risks. We must assume that canyoning is a risky adventurous sport and take appropriate caution measures. Best guarantee in order to enjoy safe canyoning is hiring the services of a certified guide who knows the area, the weather conditions, and the present state of the canyon, as well as the techniques and equipment to use, and who is prepared to lead a group.We will provide you with all the necessary equipment, such as a neoprene suit, a helmet, a harness and booties (neoprene socks). You only have to bring a swimsuit, sport shoes or boots, and the will of having a lot of fun.

Prix 51.0€ par personne (taxes comprises)
Activités disponibles dans les langues suivantes Spanish, English
Lieu Puértolas (Huesca)
Durée  6 heures
Catégorie de l'activité Sports et aventure, Canyoning, Nature
Pour qui ? Adults without children, Young people, LGBT
Entreprise organisatrice TURISMO VERDE - ALGESTUR
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