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Guided tour of the Alhambra in Granada

With a strategic location at the top of the Sabika hill, in the 9th century the Alcazaba that protected the Nasrid kingdom stood. It was in the thirteenth century when King Mohammad I, better known as Al-Ahmar decided to establish his residence and ordered the construction of the luxurious Nasrid Palaces and gradually a medina with its own water system and other constructions such as noble houses, workshops, baths public, cisterns and other more common dwellings where the servants lived. Among beautiful gardens we also find the Generalife Palace or the residence of the Kings.After the 10-year war, in 1492, the Catholic King Carlos I wanted to preserve the Alhambra, although he had his own palace built within the palatine city. The enclosure went through different states of conservation as it passed from one dynasty to another, but it was in the War of Independence when the French invaders destroyed a good part of the fortifications and although the intention was also to blow up the Nasrid Palaces, the feat of the Corporal José García, putting his own body first, managed to avoid a greater evil.In 1870 it was declared a monument, and since then there has been constant work on the recovery and reconstruction of the abandoned or attacked areas. Unesco declared it a World Heritage Site in 1984. This great architectural jewel preserves the great secrets of the Andalusian legacy and even today Nasrid drawings, letters and other curiosities are still being discovered with which we learn new meanings of their art. Come and enjoy a pleasant guided tour of one of the most emblematic monuments in the world by the hand of Felipe, our local host. Minimum group 6 people.

Prix À partir de: 45.0€ par personne (taxes comprises)
Activités disponibles dans les langues suivantes Spanish, English, French
Lieu Granada (Granada)
Durée  2 heures
Catégorie de l'activité Tourisme urbain, Visites de musées et monuments, Visites de musées et monuments
Pour qui ? Adults without children, Families, Young people, LGBT, Senior
Entreprise organisatrice TURISMO VIVENCIAL
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