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Pilot for a day

Flying is within your reach. At Pyrineum we offer the flight initiation course, which covers an introduction to the basic knowledge needed for motorised plane flying: preparing for a flight, the navigation systems, geographical references and basic manoeuvres.To put your learning into practice, we offer you the chance to step aboard a two-seater ultra-light aircraft (TECNAM P92 ECHO DELUXE) and to touch the Pyrenean skies. Enjoy a unique adventure.We offer you the choice of 4 possible routes, depending on where you want to fly. Until 30th May, make the most of the special promotion for the facility opening.

Prix 110.0€ par personne (taxes comprises)
Activités disponibles dans les langues suivantes Spanish
Lieu Lumbier (Navarre)
Durée  30 minutes
Date disponible à partir de : 01-01-2018
Date disponible jusqu’au : 31-01-2024
Catégorie de l'activité Circuits et visites, Dans la nature, Espagne Premium, Vue du ciel
Pour qui ? Young people, Families, Adults without children, Senior, LGBT
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